The Constitution

The Constitution

Mission Statement

-To become powerful business family trust, to source funds materials and to arrange several types of fundraising that may be determined to support or serve the suffering rural communities and the disadvantaged people e.g. to provide start up of piggery and poultry projects as well as embarking into franchising businesses (eg. air travel franchising, beauty clinic franchising, chicken licken, Grocery whole sale shop, Transport and Show Down Fund Raising Sport Projects, etc.)   for the benefit of the disadvantaged families in Zimbabwe, South Africa and Mozambique to network with all internal and external organizations serving the needy orphan, child headed families with food, clothing,  provincial and national schools, care centres, old aged people as well as families for the convicted people and to create job opportunities in the HQ’s and province departments of the Family Trust for the benefit of the unemployed in the communities involved.

Vision Statement

-”We source financial and material aid and make arrangements of several types of determined fundraising internationally from donors, federal govt. investors, partners, well-wishers and independent organizations to start public family trust businesses and projects for the benefit of helping suffering communities and the disadvantaged people e.g. by starting with disadvantaged crèche and school feeding schemes and to start small projects and any type of franchising businesses that may be determined for the family support of our family members, all school sports of rural communities, and establish the construction of several types of care serving centres,Primary schools and High schools as well as Community Rural Development Centres to be administered by Abanqobi Gorekore Family Trust and its net-workers to bring development into disadvantaged rural communities in each province of South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique.

Core Values Statement

Commitment: We don’t over promise, and we keep our promises. We uphold commitments at almost any cost while ensuring proper procedures are followed. Consistency, honesty, and accuracy are key to keeping our promises in serving disadvantaged families and developing the communities.

Respect: Ours is a level playing field. We treat every individual with equal and utmost respect. We communicate courteously and attentively at all times, avoiding jargon responses. Our role is to inform and to serve, not to condescend.

Warmth: We encourage kindness and dignity with friendly, personalized communication. We serve the disadvantaged families with compassionate mind of responsibility and availability, and effort to serve.

Excellence: We provide something “extra” whenever possible. We strive to exceed our own and others’ expectations. We seek financial or material aid and listening attentively to learn how we can respond to specific needs or improve organization performance.

Expedience: We honour the value our donors, well-wishers time, when they grant us any form of aid or fundraising arrangement the same as are bound by the time commitments beyond our understanding. We respect any donor, well-wisher, NGOs or partners and federal governments, promptly and work quickly to provide information they will ask for to resolve issues.

Inclusivity: We value difference. We communicate gratitude and patience to people of all cultural backgrounds, ages, dispositions, and gender levels of ability or financial understanding, and we go out of our way to accommodate special needs and requests as if they were our own.

Responsibility: We take full responsibility for our actions. We express full accountability for member dissatisfaction and for negative behaviour among our team. Any discontented member should be given courtesy, names of any associates involved and individuals who can help, and assurance of follow-up and resolution.


-The purpose of this initiative is for Abanqobi Gorekore Family Trust to source financial and material grants establish several types of fundraising aid to family members and the disadvantaged surrounding community members in the interest of family own in the Southern Africa in starting farming projects e.g. piggery and poultry projects etc, shops and any other business, e.g. Several fundraising activities to support the suffering in any way, financially or materially. This initial constitution and Family Trust will be the driving force in helping such as people living with disabilities, orphans, school children without school fees and uniforms and other community child headed families, families of the convicted people to start any of the mentioned project for their survival, also supporting the schools with games and trophies as well as catering for the old age in different sections of communities. The Abanqobi Gorekore Family Trust will also be involved in drug abuse awareness campaign, HIV/AIDs awareness campaign and we will network with churches and the government ministries in administering its operations all the time.

Abanqobi Gorekore Family Trust will be a profitable association that will act on behalf of its family members and lots of other community members in Southern Africa with the aim of becoming their own donors in due cource.

Definitions in constitution

Members: A registry of members would be all founders relatives prepared to serve the disadvantaged and vulnerable people and create employment for the suffering communities.

Family owned businesses: A business who intends to take the next generations and control the shareholding and future strategic direction of the businesses, implementations and to establish the fulfilment for the objectives of Abanqobi Gorekore Family Trust.

Person: An individual, business or other stakeholders such as a government organization and born again churches.

Service providers: This is one of the categories for membership as outlined in the constitution. A service provider will provide services to family members and will be approved by the Trustees or founder/President.

Organizations: Other organizations such as business associations and government and related organizations that Board of Trustees approves as important stakeholders to promote and support Abanqobi Gorekore Family Trust.

Family business consultants: Consultants who are accredited and approved by Board of Trustees to render consulting services to its family members and outstanding community and disadvantaged families and our orphans and community Trust Centres catering for HIV/Aids children situated anywhere in Zimbabwe and South Africa rural areas.

Financial advisers: Financial advisers who are accredited to advise family businesses on financial and related matters. Abanqobi Gorekore Family Trust will approve and accredit its own advisers.

Students: Students who are completing studies that will benefit family owned businesses and has been approved by the Board of Trustees or by the Founder will be celebrated and honoured.

Membership contribution: The contribution in advance by members in their different categories, as outlined in the constitution.



The Business Family Trust shall be named: Abanqobi Gorekore Family Trust(AGFT)


-To fulfil the above mentioned statement, vision, mission and core values in order to become our own donors.


-To become our own SUPPORTING donors and the official mouthpiece for family businesses in South Africa Zimbabwe and Mozambique to promote the total development and sustainability of family businesses and projects throughout all countries, to fund the family trust development, to build capacity regarding the following:-

-All Trust survival projects developments serving disadvantaged, orphans and vulnerable children, catering them with support of school sport games, school fees and uniforms etc.

-All survival projects development, community trust centres and, to this end, to enlist the active co-operation and support of stakeholders and ensure that competent consultants, service providers and advisers, service its members.


-Abanqobi Gorekore Family Trust shall endeavour to address these objectives through facilitating access to appropriate enterprise development support including information and experience sharing, discussion of case studies and best practices on family business and projects challenges;organizing national and regional workshops.

-Promoting active networking to promote cooperation and collaborative activities that will benefit family members and the outstanding communities and disadvantaged sectors such as the promotion and facilitation of joint projects, initiatives and joint ventures and the establishment of funding instruments for the sectors.

-facilitate the development, accreditation and presentation of family business/projects consultants and financial advisers to support family business members;

-Any other means which may further the above objectives.


-Any outstanding community members or disadvantaged sector interested in the objectives Abanqobi Gorekore Family Trust, at the discretion of the Board of Trustees, be enrolled as a member upon application to the Secretary of Abanqobi Gorekore Family Trust. (AGFT)

-Candidates for membership must sign an application form and, if enrolled, shall be deemed to be bound by the Constitution and Rules of Abanqobi Gorekore Family Trust.

-It shall be possible for extended members, subject to approval of the Board of Trustees, and signed by the founder/President to become life members of Abanqobi Gorekore Family Trust upon their contribution to work for the development of the projects and businesses funding the Family Trust policies.

-Abanqobi Gorekore Family Trust shall have power to admit as honorary members such persons as it deems desirable in the interests of Abanqobi Gorekore Family Trust and honorary members shall be exempted from paying membership dues while retaining all the privileges of ordinary membership.

-Members whose annual dues are not in arrears and honorary members shall be entitled to receive the newsletter to attend all meetings of Abanqobi Gorekore Family Trust.

-Members of at least twenty years’ standing who have reached pensionable age may, at the discretion of Abanqobi Gorekore Family Trust, be admitted as retired members, to be exempted from paying fees for workshops and events while retaining all the privileges of ordinary membership.

-The annual practical work contribution by members shall be determined by the Annual General Meeting from time to time upon recommendation of the Board of Trustees.

-Written notice shall be sent to members whose practical work contributions are not fulfilled. If the membership practical project work contribution is not fulfilled for more than three months, the Founder/President or Board of Trustees may remove the names of such members from the membership roll. The Treasurer shall notify such members of the decision of the Founder/President or Board of Trustees.

-New members enrolled during any particular financial year shall be entitled to receive all the newsletters issued during such year.

-Any member wishing to resign from Abanqobi Gorekore Family Trust,shall give written notice to the Secretary of the Board of Trustees, but such member shall be liable for the full annual membership contribution of project work for the financial year during which the member resigns. The Membership categories will be as follows:

-Board of Trustees


-Representatives of family owned businesses

-External family representatives and businesses External family members

-Service provider organizations

-Projects educators and academics

-Family businesses consultants


5.1 The affairs of Abanqobi Gorekore Family Trust shall be managed by the Board of Trustees consisting of:

-The Founder/President and Chief Executive Director Trustee

-Chief International Advisor

-Senior Advisor





-President shall preside over all the meeting of trust.

-President shall have the power to allow inclusion of any subject matter in agenda for the discussion in the course of proceeding/meeting concerning our vision and mission statement.

-President will assign and file suits, application, petitions, appeals, revisions, affidavits, documents, extracts, vouchers, represent, give evidence in any matter by or against in any civil, criminal, taxation revenue proceeding before any court of law, local authorities under central or state Government for the working trust.

-To engage or appoint on behalf of TRUST any Lawyer, Pleader, Chartered Accountant to conduct any suit, application proceeding regarding sale tax, income tax professional tax, revenue and criminal proceeding before any court of law and any other authorities under any act for the working/ business of Trust.

-To appear and represent the Trust before the central government, state government, local bodies, public authorities, port authorities banking and Financial Institutions and union Territory Authorities etc.

-To apply for the registration, amendment, challans, Certificates, Declaration forms, pay orders, apply for the accept refund, vouchers, including submission, withdrawal, of Securities under sale tax, excise, customs and any other act for the business of the TRUST.

-To open and Operate Bank Account(s) individually or jointly in any State/Nation on behalf of TRUST.

President shall be responsible for the management and administration of all the affairs of the trust and is also authorized to appoint any Office Bearer/ trustee/ executive members in different states to look after the visionary activities.

-President has all powers to prepare Plans, Projects and programmers on behalf of trust.

-President has the right to decide the Admission fee and Subscriptions from the new Members of the trust and is empowered to receive all donations and special contributions to TRUST.

-Presidents have all right to Purchase, take on lease or Exchange or otherwise acquire any property moveable or immoveable which may be conveniently used in connection with any of the objects of the TRUST.

-To Establish, Promote, manage Organization and maintain the TRUST Branches internationally wise.

-To purchase or otherwise acquire and undertake all or any Part of the Property, Assets, Liabilities, and engagements of any one or more of the Trusts, Institution, Societies or Association with which this is authorized to amalgamate.

-President have the right to accepts any donation, contribution, grant or subscription in cash or in kind of form any person(s) body of person or trust with or without condition.

-President have the right to make vary after or modify Schemes, rules and regulations for carrying out the objects of the trust and for the management of the affairs thereof and or running any institution in furtherance of Trust and otherwise for giving effect to the objects of the Trust.

-To create a sense of brotherhood, CO-operation, mutual harmony, love and affection amongst the members of the Trust and also amongst the general public.

-To organize seminar on legal awareness, workshop on human rights, social justices, educational, and economic upliftment to raise legal demands and fundamental rights provided by Constitution of South Africa or Zimbabwean and Mozambique authorities.

-To open branch, help line establish, promote, set up, run, maintain, assist finance support and /or help the various disadvantaged community development programmers, rehabilitation activities and supporting family trust project activities e.g. Construct and develop.

-To approach in any court to safe guard the rights of the general public and for the public interest litigation from time to time as the trust may deem fit & proper

-To take up effective but reasonable and lawful steps for the Human Rights issue.

-The Settler and Declaring of the Trust namely Mr. Never Gorekore shall remain the founder president till his life time.

-The Founder President Mr. Never Gorekore may appoint his successor from his immediate family during his life time and the successor so appoint shall exercise the same power as that of Founder President.

-The trustees may Co-Operates them such numbers of other trustees as may be determined by them by a resolution passed with 2/3 majorities of all the existing trustees in Co-Operates and the Coordination with Trustees to execute the purposed of their Trust, But no trustee can be opted in addition to Trustees without all the prior written consent of Founder President of the Trust i.e. Mr. Never Gorekore.

-If got any serious complaint against any member of the trust and other person of the trust of anywhere working committee. President has empower to suspend, discharge, fine and to take disciplinary action against the matter.

-Under inherent power He may do work for helpless needy victims with the support of any Federal Government, Wel-Wishers, Donor Organizations e.g. NHRC, UNHCR, ICJ, administration and He may do work for South Africa Zimbabwe and Mozambique, to participate all the huge legal literacy awareness, workshop on human rights programmers.

-Take complete information for International, National, State government , NRI, association, trust, co-operative societies, and personal and private sectors for the fulfilment of public grievance and you may take application from any public grievance and do work with the support of administration, judiciary, social worker and available all information.


-The vice president of Abanqobi Gorekore Family Trust is a top executive that plans specific strategies and formulates polices so that Trust goals and objectives are met. The vice president generally works directly under the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and collaborates these strategies and procedures together. Vice presidents are subjected to working long hours with extensive travel time and pressured deadlines.


-Working closely with the Chair and the Board of Trustees, the Chief Executive will give vision, direction and leadership to the formulation and achievement of the Trust’s philosophy, objectives and strategies; she/he will ensure that the Trust is provided with high standard

a)Business and project planning

b)Financial security, and

c)Effective resources management

To develop and maintain its services and reputation for excellent service delivery.

-The Chief Executive Director will be responsible for the overall management and administration of the Trust’s services in line with the Trust’s policies. The Chief Executive will have overall responsibility for the operation of the Trust.


a)To provide leadership to the Trust and to take responsibility for its management a administration within the strategic and accountability frameworks established by the Board of Trustees.

b)With the Chair, to enable the Board of Trustees to fulfil its duties and responsibilities for the proper governance of the Trust and to ensure that the Board receives advice and information in timely scheduled plan through appropriate manner.

c)To work closely with the Board in ensuring the furtherance of the purposes of the Trust.

d)To ensure that all activities are carried out in accordance with the values of the Trust.


Specific duties include:

a)With the Chair, to ensure that the Board of Trustees formulates and regularly reviews the Trust’s vision, mission and values.

b)In partnership with the Board, to develop a long-term strategy for the Trust

Within the vision, mission and values established by the Board.

c)With the Chair, to ensure that the Board can adequately monitor annual plans, targets and performance.

d)To report to the Board on organization progress, providing information and answering for organization performance.

e)With Chair and Trustees, to develop policy proposals for Board discussion and decision.

f)With the Chair, to establish the annual calendar for Board an sub-committee meetings.

g)Supporting the Chair, to suggest development opportunities as appropriate.

h)To enable the Board to broaden its capabilities.


Specific duties include:

a)To ensure that a long-term strategy is in place to guide the Trust in achieving its objective;

b)To advise the Board in all aspects of managing the Trust

c)To be responsible to the Board for the overall financial health of the Trust

d)Through sound business planning, to ensure that the Trust has the human, material and financial resources it needs to operate effectively

e)To ensure the production of appropriate business and project plans to implement and achieve the strategies agreed by/with the Board

f)To seek out develop new strategies for ensuring future resources

g)To take appropriate steps to protect the Trust from risk

h)To ensure that the Trust fulfil its regulatory and legal obligation as outlined In Legal TRUST- DEED

I) To ensure that the Trust has the appropriate management systems and structures to carry out its work effectively, accountably and safely

j)To provide leadership to all staff

k)To ensure that staff, volunteers and others working in the Trust are focused on achieving the mission and strategic priorities

Promoting the Trust

Specific duties include:

a)To protect and enhance the reputation of the Trust

b)To seek opportunity to expand and promote awareness of the Trust’s work

c)To use the media appropriately to raise the Trust’s profile

d)To act as spokes person for the Trust

e)To assist in the formulation of marketing strategies and campaigns

f)To ensure that marketing materials and other communications accurately present the vision, mission and values of the Trust

g)To work with fundraising staff, advising on grants, taking part in campaigns and meeting funders/donors when necessary

h)To ensure that the website is regularly updated, newsletters produced and other communication with supporters maintained

I)To seek to influence government policy and lobby on behalf of the family Trust’s plans.


a)To be familiar with and adhere to the Trust’s policies and procedures in relation to the work of the CEO (to ensure that high standards of quality and good practice are maintained, developed and monitored)

b)To be aware of the responsibilities under the Health and Safety policy and procedures, taking all possible steps to ensure a safe working environment and reporting all incidents or potential hazards

c)To ensure all people are treated with respect, compassion, justice and trust there-by promoting the Trust’s core values

d)To ensure all initiative/proposals that encourage research, thought, analysis, academia, innovation and development in all areas of study are to the attention of Chairs and the Board.

e)To promote equal opportunities through anti-discriminatory practice

f)To maintain appropriate confidentiality at all times.

g)To undertake any other duties or responsibilities in connection with the leadership and management of the Trust as the Chair and the Board of Trustees may from time to time direct.

Additional Duties

-It is in the nature of the work that tasks and responsibilities are in many circumstances unpredictable and varied. All staff is, therefore, expected to undertake work which may not be specifically covered in the job description. These additional duties will normally be compatible with the regular tasks and duties. If the additional responsibility or task becomes a regular of frequent part of the staff member’s job, it will be included in the job description in consultation with the member of staff.

The Ideal Person will possess:

A relevant degree and professional qualifications appropriate to the position

a)Senior officer/Board level experience in a similar organization

b)Successful strategic and operational management of organizational services

c)Experience of financial management

d)Experience of resources management

e)Proven track record of successful business and project strategies in a small to medium sized organization

f)Experience of some organizational legal responsibilities

g)Demonstrable experience of management of change

h)Demonstrate experience of involvement in marketing and public relations.


-A board of Trustees has a duty to manage the business and affairs of the TRUST in accordance with articles of incorporation, by laws and other contenting documents and the family trust policies in meeting the goals and objectives of the organization.

-Board of trustees are stewards who act on behalf of an organization’s constituents, including service recipients, funders, members, and dues payers. The board of directors has the principal responsibility for fulfilment of the organization’s mission and the legal accountability for its operations. This means that as a group they are in charge of establishing a clear organizational mission, forming the strategic plan to accomplish the mission, overseeing and evaluating the plan’s success, hiring a competent executive director and providing adequate supervision and support to that individual, ensuring financial solvency of the organization, interpreting and representing the medical transport community to the organization, and instituting a fair system of policies and procedures for human resource management as applicable to organizational operations.

Responsibilities of directors and boards

-The board of directors is appointed to act on behalf of the shareholders to run the day to day affairs of the business. The board are directly accountable to the shareholders and each year the family trust will hold an annual general meeting (AGM) at which the directors must provide a report to shareholders on the performance of the trust, what its future plans and strategies are and also submit themselves for re-election to the board. The objects of the trust are defined in the trust constitution document.

-The board of directors’ key purpose is to ensure the family trust prosperity by collectively directing the trust’s affairs, whilst meeting the appropriate interests of its shareholders and stakeholders. In addition to business/projects and financial issues, boards of directors must deal with challenges and issues relating to corporate governance, corporate social responsibility of the trust vision.


Typical work activities

-The secretary’s role will cover a wide variety of functions and these depend, in part, of the Family Trust national and external Head offices provincial HQ or departments for which they work. Typical work activities include:

a)Organizing, preparing agendas for and taking minutes of board meetings and annual general meetings (AGM);

b)Maintaining statutory books, including registers of members, directors and secretaries;

c)Dealing with correspondence, collating information and writing reports,ensuring decisions made are communicated to the relevant family trust stakeholders;

d)Contributing to meeting discussions and when required, and advising members of the legal, accounting and tax implications of proposed policies;

e)Monitoring changes in relevant legislation and the regulatory environment and taking appropriate action.

f)Liaising with external regulators and advisers, such as lawyers and auditors;

g)Taking responsibility for the health and safety of employees and managing matters related to insurance and property;

h)Developing and overseeing the systems that ensure the family trust complies with all applicable codes, in addition to its legal and statutory requirements.


-As well as bearing all the general responsibilities of a voluntary management committee officer, the Treasurer is the person specifically entrusted with the funds of the organization. In an organization that employs paid staff they will deal with much of the day-to-day financial business. However, the Treasurer is still responsible for overseeing this and keeping account of the finances. In smaller organizations where there are no paid staffs the Treasurer will often deal with the financial transactions and bookkeeping.

The tasks associated with this post are:

a)To advise the committee of financial matters, both positive and negative

b)To control and account for the organization’s finances

c)To issue receipts for all cash received and keep records of that paid out

d)To be a counter signatory to any major banking transaction

e)To attend meetings of the finance sub-committee (if there is one)

f)To oversee bookkeeping

g)To prepare the Treasurer’s report for the annual general meeting

h)To liaise with the appointed Auditor or Independent Examiner for the annual review of accounts

i)To advise the organization’s management committee of its financial requirements for the year ahead

g)For complicated accounting it is advised to seek professional advice.


-Abanqobi Gorekore Family Trust will affiliate with the any major International family business/projects networks for Donors or Funding organizations, Ngo’s, Federal governments and Independent Well-wishers etc.


-An Annual General Meeting shall be held as soon as possible, but not later than 3 months, after the close of Abanqobi Gorekore Family Trust financial year, at a date and place to be determined by the Board of Trustees.

Special General Meetings of Abanqobi Gorekore Family Trust may be held at such times and places as they Board of Trustees may decide.

-Not less than 21 days notice shall be given of all annual or special General Meetings of Abanqobi Gorekore Family Trust and the notices convening such meetings shall indicate the nature of the business to be transacted at the meeting.

-The number of votes is limited to 1 vote per member. Students do not qualify to vote

-A Quorum is 51 % of members with a voting status.


-The Treasurer shall receive all monies due to Abanqobi Gorekore Family Trust and shall make such payments on behalf of Abanqobi Gorekore Family Trust as the Founder may from time to time direct the Board of Trustees. The Treasurer shall invest the monies of Abanqobi Gorekore Family Trust as the Board of Trustees may direct and he/she shall keep proper accounts of all receipts and payments and be responsible for the safe-keeping of the securities of Abanqobi Gorekore Family Trust.

-The financial year of Abanqobi Gorekore Family Trust shall be held on determined venue and dates by the board of trustees during the month of February and ending before the first day of March every year.

-All investments of the funds controlled by Abanqobi Gorekore Family Trust shall be made at the discretion of the Board of Trustees and all securities or accounts shall be registered in the name of Abanqobi Gorekore Family Trust.

-Any contract, power of attorney or other deed or document to be signed on behalf of Abanqobi Gorekore Family Trust, withdrawals from or cheques drawn upon any of the accounts kept by Abanqobi Gorekore Family Trust with savings institutions and banks, shall be signed on behalf of Abanqobi Gorekore Family Trust by the Founder/President or with any, one of the two, Vice-President or the Treasurer, or any two persons designated by resolution of the Council, and approved by the Board of Trustees can also sign on behalf of the Family Trust with cash withdrawal limitations and conditions endorsed from the President’s office by the relevant legal anticorruption commissioners in the President’s advisory committee. Any proceeds and other remittances in favour of Abanqobi Gorekore Family Trust shall only be deposited into Abanqobi Gorekore Family Trust’s official bank accounts, and need only be endorsed by the Treasurer or in his absence by the person acting on his behalf.

-Membership project work contribution and other dues shall vest in the Family Trust fund.

-The Treasurer of the Board of Trustees shall collect all dues payable by members.

-Accredited administrators/Bank will be the only financier for Abanqobi Gorekore Family Trust account any time.


-Old Mutual (Policy Number 17174404)/financial protection investment policy for Abanqobi Gorekore Family Trust=20% of every deposit amount into the family account will be deducted in total once per month.

-Accredited administrators/ bank will make sure every company, project, shop, or any other business to be formed will bank or deposit in any of Abanqobi Gorekore Family Trust.

-Money market=every six months net profit of every company, project, shop or any other business to be formed, 50% of the net profit will be invested in the money markets, of Zimbabwe, South Africa and Mozambique in the manner indicated under companies and Business Investments.


-All Old Mutual (Policy Number 17174404) will cover for collateral of every project, company, shop or, other business, since every project will be covered as mentioned under business insurance.

Abanqobi Inspection Service (Pty) LTD REG NO. K2011/117730/07

-Every directors and members whole life covers for R1,000,000- each will stand as guarantees for the Family Trust it will be paying the premiums every month together with every member’s Family Trust benefit of (a) whole life disability (b) whole life dread disease covers of R100, 000- each cover plus R50, 000- as funeral cover for director or member.


-Each of the Abanqobi Gorekore Family Trust directors shall appoint a successor from their sons only. If there are no more directors sons available in the director’s children and grand sons then accredited administrators, legal advisors, trust members will appoint someone to act on behalf of late trust director on contract basis and his duties will be monitored regularly.


-Upon the appointment of a Female Trust Member, she must also appoint any female dependant, using the first assured surname (Gorekore) or any one from Gorekore families, or an outsider as her successor and this has to be approved by the accredited administrators/bank, directors, members, legal advisors and church observers of any born again Ministry or organization whom the first assured Founder/President have appoint to run the Abanqobi Gorekore Orphans Trust, under the supervision of the accredited administrators/bank/ trust directors and female trust members for distinction services in Zimbabwe South Africa and Mozambique.


-To serve the Abanqobi Gorekore Orphans Trust Centres practically and spiritually by (a) Teaching and preaching the word of God (b) building the big community churches at the Trust compound and projects e.g. poultry and piggery on the centre and two projects will deposit all the monies into Abanqobi Gorekore Family Trust for financial injection purposes. The other poultry and piggery as well as other farming projects will pour in the coffers or local account of that Abanqobi Gorekore Orphans Trust and the money will be used in the main duties of the Trust to pay the projects workers and meet the targeted needs by child headed families and orphans.

-Other businesses and Gardening Projects agreed upon will automatically start to raise funds for spiritual ministry needs of the church businesses e.g. PASTORS SUPPORT Ministries

-Complains will be looked into and settled by the main Executive Board Abanqobi Gorekore family Trust, if possible.


-All the projects and companies registered in the Family Trust will at every 6 months 50% of the net profit of income be invested into money markets in two countries

-Zimbabwe 25% net profits with Kingdom Securities or any other money market organizations

-South Africa and Mozambique 25% net profit with money markets based c/o in South Africa and Mozambique. -At the same- time Abanqobi Inspection Services is to embark and expand into under cover Anticorruption services and clearance businesses with the appointed accredited administrator negotiating with Transport Revenue Authorities of South Africa,Mozambique and Zimbabwe for the company mentioned above to join other companies mainly in preparing all paper work needed by the Boarder Authorities for all boarder clearance crossing eg. road,freight and ship clearing of goods or any consignments and having contracts with different goods transporters from South Africa, Zimbabwe and Mozambique to any destination internationally. This will mean that every ship port/harbour and all road borders from South Africa, Zimbabwe and Mozambique will have three (3-12} international boarder representatives on each port/harbour or boarder of each of the three (3) above mentioned Nations


-The first assured founder/President proposed R100,000 taken out of Family Trust a/c to start- fresh and dried fish project e.g. Matemba from Kariba, Zimbabwe and from Mozambique via Nyamapanda Boarder to serve or share to the needy and disadvantaged in the under developed rural areas


-The Founder/President and Abanqobi Family Trust Directors mentioned in this Family Trust constitution will share 1:1 on all projects, shops and companies that may be started through the Administration Management of appointed accredited administrator/bank agreement with all members of the Family Trust.


Wages/Salaries will be paid to all outside and inside family trust employees through accredited administrator by virtue of skill, experience and professionalism by the appointment or approval of Abanqobi Gorekore Family Trust, Founder/President or Succesor.


-Of course every member will get a good salary provided by the Family Trust Bank having approved those salaries basing on good cash/cheque deposits by the projects being run by the trust. Accredited administrator or bank has the right to reduce the salaries for the trust members by 20% if their assigned projects profitable enough.


-Accredited administrator or bank will pay 20% of deposits to Old Mutual (Policy Number 17174404) or other organizations to stand as financial protection investment ofthe Family Trust for a period of five years before 50%of the money is disbursed into every Family Trust member’s Personal Accounts as a matter of five years project’s bonus. If the projects are not bringing profit, the Founder/President or Board of Trustee will be entitled to stop that five years bonus until they say it should resume


-Every Family Trust member upon his/her appointment into the Family trust will be needed to take WHOLE INSURANCE NOT LESS THAN ONE MILLION e.g. Old Mutual (Policy Number 17174404) ONLY payable to the Abanqobi Gorekore Family Trust for guarantees purposes of the Family Trust.






At the Annual General Meeting the Board of Trustees shall present a report, with audited statement of accounts and balance sheet, copies of which shall have been provided electronically not less than seven days prior to the date of any such meeting.


-The Directors, Members, and all (first assured) brothers and sisters connected to the life assured family surname will have power to apply for any welfare needs to Abanqobi Gorekore Family Trust through consultants accredited and approved by the Founder or Board Trustees. If the application is approved, standard bank will call for endorsement meeting of that particular welfare granted, if only approved by the whole members’ house.

-If the welfare need is a project, the applicant should apply to Abanqobi Gorekore Family Trust members for clearance purpose first. The Family Trust will then submit the granted clearance paper signed by the founder/President to the accredited consultants.

-The Consultant and the Family Trust directors will then call the applicant to come for agreement paper signing, whereby the main point the application will need to know that the project will remain the property of the Family Trust since everything will be provided by the Family Trust and the net profit of the project will be shared 50:50 after all expenses and the following deductions are met after twelve months:

-Applications salaries will be paid every month by Family Trust Bank.

-20% of every business/project deposit transacted to the Family Trust account and R500- deduction for financial protection investment and funeral cover only with Old Mutual (Policy Number 17174404)e every month from applicant’s salary for his/her future benefit. His workers will be also paid by accredited administrator or bank then his/ her 25% from net profits with Family Trust will be paid out after twelve months into his/her account.


-Once a year the accounts of Abanqobi Gorekore Family Trust shall be examined by an auditor, to be appointed by Founder and Board of Trustees.


-The Central Office of Abanqobi Gorekore Family Trust shall be situated at such a place as the Board of Trustees may from time to time determine.


-The Constitution of Abanqobi Gorekore Family Trust may be amended at a properly constituted General Meeting of Abanqobi Gorekore Family Trust. Full particulars of any proposed amendments shall be given in the notice convening the General Meeting at which such proposed amendments are to be considered. This rule can be set aside by a two third majority vote during the General Meeting.

-Termination of Association – by the decision of the Family Trust Beneficiaries with the approval of the Founder or Successor.

-Members elected by the Annual General Meeting of the Society consisting of one representative for all membership categories, namely family owned businesses (1 member managing an existing family business and one member of the incoming generation), service provider; family business consultants; educators and the visionary founding President.